Shoshanna’s Kitchen – Episode 24 – Parasite Cleanse

January 30, 2012 by natural  
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    18 Responses to “Shoshanna’s Kitchen – Episode 24 – Parasite Cleanse”
    1. tigerlilly699 says:

      wait I might sound dumb asking these questions but I gotta ask anyway ;) Is it ok to do this while nursing? I have a 6mo old that I am nursing. Also that is still straight vodka right meaning it can get you drunk? How much do you drink at once? How many of those pill do? you take a day? and How long or how many days do you do this method to get rid of them?

    2. ScowlingWolf says:

      that was way cool thank? you

    3. OhevetIsrael says:

      @goodbro Mostly all the herbs that you use for humans, you can use for pets too. You? will have to use it in smaller portions, mixing powdered herbs with the pet’s food.

    4. OhevetIsrael says:

      Great videos! I’m learning to be an herbalist and this? information is very good and clear. Thank you.

    5. goodbro says:

      Is this also a? suitable method for pets?

    6. hailo05 says:

      I want to do the Cleanse and want my son? do it it as well. How much would i give him, he is 31 lbs.

    7. hailo05 says:

      Love you, God Bless you for all you? do!

    8. faithmass1 says:

      I am a nursing mama. Are black walnut and wormwood safe for nursing and pregnant mamas? Also we have serious alcohol issues in our ancestry, could I? use glycerin instead?

    9. faithmass1 says:

      I am a nursing? mama. Are both black walnut and wormwood safe for nursing or pregnant mamas?

    10. BulkHerbStore says:

      @timka78 The vodka is the desirable liquid. Sorry if that wasn’t clear! :)

      I drink it in a manner similar to how one might drink water, or any other liquid.?

    11. BulkHerbStore says:

      @flowerpetals1985 It’s called a ‘Magic Bullet’! I love it :) ?

    12. BulkHerbStore says:

      @stayhomemom1979 You can use the dried stuff, but fresh and still green is best!

      Some bigger parasites can be seen, yes, if you were to look inside the host’s body. Sometimes people expel intestinal worms with their waste, and those can be seen wriggling around. If you can? see parasites, you should obviously seek professional medical attention.

    13. BulkHerbStore says:

      @JREALSONGS You can use dried black walnut hull, but it won’t be nearly as potent.

      You can make those into tinctures, but be aware that the alcohol may do some unexpected things to the desirable chemical compounds. Those herbs wouldn’t necessarily ‘work together’, but? they would do their jobs!

    14. stayhomemom1979 says:

      what do you do if you don’t have access to green walnut’s.Can you use? the dried stuff instead??Can you visibly see parasites some times?

    15. JREALSONGS says:

      @flowerpetals1985 I think? it’s a Magic Bullet.

    16. JREALSONGS says:

      I have a few questions. 1) I live in Florida and don’t have access to fresh black walnut, could I use your black walnut hull powder and make a tincture out of that?
      2) Can I use the clove & wormwood as tinctures instead of? capsules? 3) If these could all be made into a tincture, would they work together in one super parasite tincture? Thanks!

    17. flowerpetals1985 says:

      I? love your videos. What blender is that?

    18. flowerpetals1985 says:

      I love? your videos.

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