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Trans-crystalist Djehuty Ma’at-Ra elucidates on the tektite Moldavite and its various healing and metaphysical properties. Moldavite can be purchased at the Crystal matrix in Los Angeles, California (323) 644-7625. For the best in all natural health products and herbal remedies visit or call (888) 823-9416 or visit our store located at 1015 N. Pacific Avenue, Glendale, California 91202. Looking to help others become more conscious? Please refer them to our You Tube channel and become subscribers.

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    15 Responses to “Moldavite”
    1. telicia02 says:

      I paid $50 for? 2 grams. Yes, it’s translucent.

    2. Dhealthstore says:

      How much did it? cost? Is the color TRANSLUCENT green?

    3. telicia02 says:

      Hello, thank you for this video. I? just purchased a moldavite 5 days ago but haven’t noticed any benefits. Does it take awhile to see results for some people? I’m concerned that the moldavite I purchased may not be authentic….

    4. Argentina69able says:

      i just got? a piece today, looking forward to the benefits, do you work at the store in glendale?

    5. bennubird0 says:

      Great? video Djehuty.:0)

    6. FrgFty says:

      Do you know if Shungite is a tektite? ?

    7. oliviamulgrew says:

      yeah ? please take me home to Sirius ..

    8. mrsqwen says:

      Thank you for that AWESOME information !!

    9. Fullbushgirl says:

      You are? sooo deep.

    10. EntitySeventySeven says:

      The only reason there is suffering is because people’s minds are dirty. All you got to do is? get clean and God will do the rest. It’s that easy. But truth is, the majority of people enjoy the filth.

      I Am Satisfied with God’s Creation
      I Am at Peace with God’s Creation

    11. veganprincess01 says:

      xo? Awsum. xo

    12. MamiWatasLove says:

      I remember darn well how I was pushed into this shitty matrix. I know it was not yet my time to come into this? human shell. My well deserved rest was shortened and by listening to your video I know is because someone didn’t wait the full darn 17 minutes before cutting the darn ombillical cord. I ALSO REMEMBER THE BEAUTIFUL WHITE RESTING ROOM I WAS FORCED OUT OF. THEY BETTER GIVE ME A VERY LONG DESERVED VACATION NEXT TIME I TRANSITION, ‘CUZ I TRULLY FEEL CHEATED…SMH

    13. 2wealthy4U says:

      Damn you Djehuty! LOL You just don’t know how your videos get me thru the day, much appreciation ? to you. Stimulated my thought indeed!

    14. Cocovegan11 says:

      Djehuty looks sooo much younger w/ a? fresh hair cut!

    15. LocalWebGeek says:

      thank you for today’s mental? nourishment.

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