Q&A: Are there any herbal remedies that could help a teenage girl who is extremely hormonal?

May 11, 2011 by natural  
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by hchalkley

Question by PiperHalliwell: Are there any herbal treatments that could support a teenage girl who is very hormonal? My daughter has critical mood swings does any person know of any herbal medicine that may support her? I know I could get various prescriptions that might assist her I was just making an attempt to discover something herbal that would assist her. Thanks

Very best reply:

Remedy by Hannah In Wonderland
Chamomille tea saved my lifestyle. I dislike the taste but its incredibly calming.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Are there any herbal remedies that could help a teenage girl who is extremely hormonal?”
  1. aumnamashivaaum says:

    Valerian root, GABA, 5HTP, Marijuana..
    I would recomend seeing a natural pathic healer or an herbalist and ask them to be sure.

  2. ccn02 says:

    There is an herb called vitex or chaste tree. It will balance her hormones and get things running a little smoother.

  3. H.Robert O says:

    You say hormonal, but you relate it to mood swings.
    Are you sure that she does not have a food allergy?
    she could be suffering from sensitivity to house hold chemicals .
    Treating a young one for hormone imbalance should be monitored closely. Hormones do play a vital roll in development.
    mood swings are different and can be treated with simple herbs like the one found at these web sites.
    Caution herbs do react with over the counter meds as well as prescription. Reasearch on your part is required.

  4. calyx156 says:

    I agree with almost everyone’s posts so far to a degree. I will also say the following: 1) Foods play an incredibly strong role in women’s moods and health, so I would focus extremely strongly on cleaning up your daughter’s and by extension, your family’s diet first. Read Food and Healing by Annemarie Colbin or anything by Christiane Northrup for a better understanding of these facts. If your daughter is eating tons of candy, drinking sodas and “juice” drinks or tons or Gatorade>>>basically anything that is not either water, 100% preferably organic fruit or vegetable juice or teas, or eating a diet of fast food, foods prepared outside of the home, binging on candies and chocolate and snack type foods and eating school lunches, these are all things you need to take a look at and CHANGE FAST. 2) I will also say this: Just because a young woman is “hormonal” does not mean she needs to change for your well-being, benefit or comfort. Nature is an incredibly powerful force. One to be reckoned with and respected, not one to be medicated, cauterized, institutionalized or “treated” out of existence. Women are highly tuned, extremely sensitive, extremely psychic, extremely emotional beings. This society tends to attempt to medicalize us out of being who were meant by the Goddess to be, witness the white male corporate tron amoral, inhuman corporate tron that is so often held up as an example of what “success” is. There is so incredibly much pressure on teenage girls to conform, to go along, to be nice and sweet and tiny and compliant. To not make waves. To dress like in a sex kit. To marginalize and trivialize and medicate themselves right out of their inconvenient and messy existence. Hide it. Suppress it. Cut it out. Close your legs. Be a good girl. Do as you’re told. Sorry babe, THERE IS NO FORCE MORE POWERFUL ON THIS EARTH, than a young woman just coming into her sexual awakening. Deal with it. The only ways you should be trying to help her are as follows: If she’s in pain, as in extreme emotional pain, or the pain of dismenorrhea, then yeah, that’s a time for intervention. Start with cleaning up the diet, eliminating foods that screw with the hormonal balance such as eggs, milk and meat, plus sugar and all chemicalized processed foods. From there progress to a naturopath, and look at such foods and treatments as Vitex agnus-castus tincture (Bitter as hell, but it works GREAT as hormonal regulator.), Dong quai and angelica, Scullcap, squawvine, cramp bark and chamomile or linden teas if she’s suffering from cramps. You learning about natural methods and sharing them with her will teach her how to actively help herself, rather than teaching that we go to male doctors and suppress our symptoms or get our parts surgically removed for the ease of this culture and of males in general, as a method to deal with our feminity. Most women (who are at least 51% of the population by the way…) need at least a couple days a month downtime so they can cramp and bleed and bitch and moan and clean their houses and keep their sanity. I don’t know about you, but this whole notion of work 5 or 6 days/week and then come home and clean your entire house in one or two days, try to parent your kids on nights and weekends, cook enough for a week in 1 or 2 days and then tell yourself you had a weekend is BULLSHITE, and it’s just not working. Who made up this plan, because I can tell right now, it wasn’t a woman. It wasn’t anyone with intellingence, love, compassion or the ability to tell the truth, either. The women in this country need to rise the hell up and recreate the world. Men have had their chance for the last 400 years. You see where we are. Last year alone, over 100,000 unnecessary hysterectomies were performed. It is one of the most medically unnecessary operations in existence. At some point, women have to wake the hell up, and acknowledge that life on earth has become a living hellish nightmare, and that we’ve let great, greedy, warring, red in the face, moralityless, souless MEN determine all of our fates, and the fates of this planet to our peril. Check out exactly where menstration, and the red, hot, passionate, moody, screaming, yelling, fire of your daughter run counter to “cultural expectations of women”. Then ask yourself if this newly found, delicate, just giving birth to itself power is really something you want or need to suppress, to control, to interfere with. I don’t know about you, but I would give anything to have the fire and passion and heat and energy I had in my twenties back now. Mostly, I’m just f*cking tired from raising 2 children, one who is disabled, of two men who couldn’t be bothered to support their children or to help me, all by myself for the last 20 years. You could say the daily acts of being a responsible adult woman have just about put me in my grave at 44 years of age. Women are not meant to live the way we have all had to in this last generation, and we need to take our power back, and to empower our daughters as warriors, so that what has happened to us, NEVER happens to them again in history.

    PS Chamomile tea mixed with apple juice and lemonade is actually quite delicious!

  5. Heleyna says:

    try vitex/chasteberry or look into aromatherpay;geranium helps me

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